Analysis and trends in operational risk losses from 2016-2021

Every year ORX produces two reports on our global operational risk loss databases – one for the banking sector and one for the insurance sector. You can buy either version of the report for just £900. Simply fill in the form and we'll send you an invoice.

The reports are a chance to get analysis and insight into an unrivalled global dataset. They help you understand important trends and developments in operational risk.

The reports include analysis by business line, event type and explore regional differences in the data. This year, they also have a 'risk in focus' section that concentrates on the impact of coronavirus on operational risk.

WHAT'S in the reports?

The full versions of either the insurance or banking ORX Annual Operational Risk Loss reports are available for you to purchase for just £900.

Both reports are over 20 pages long and provide a comprehensive analysis of the operational risk loss data in the ORX global databases for each sector, including:

  • Operational risk distributions and tail losses over the past six years
  • Event frequency by business line and event type
  • Total loss by business line and event type
  • Losses by business type
  • Risk in focus – Coronavirus impact
  • Risk in focus – Conduct risk
  • Risk in focus – Cyber risk
  • Geographic distribution of losses
  • Spreadsheet of aggregated data from the charts in the report to use for your own analysis

Separate reports for banking and insurance

Because we understand that banks and insurers experience operational risk events differently, ORX members can submit their loss data to either the banking or insurance loss databases.

This means they have access to sector-specific data for benchmarking and reporting (find out more about the ORX global loss data exchange). This also means we're able to produce two different reports with data and analysis tailored to your sector.

Just choose which report you'd like to purchase, and fill in the form to request an invoice.

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Get an overview of the data

If you haven't downloaded them already, then you can access free executive summary versions of our ORX Annual Operational Risk Loss reports. These summaries will give you an idea of the type of information contained in the full reports.

Banking Loss Reports


Insurance Loss Reports 2022


Download the free summary reports