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Your operational risk management goals and objectives for the next 12 months

Your key challenges and how ORX can support you

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How we can support your firm

From ORX Membership to our premium services, we focus on providing day-to-day and strategic support for operational risk teams based around the globe. Our goal is to help you and your team be prepared for the operational risk management challenges ahead.
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ORX Membership

With ORX Membership you can access world-leading op risk loss data services, take part in studies and benchmarks and join a global community of op risk professionals from more than 100 financial firms.


ORX News

Get valuable insights into global operational risk losses. Used by over 70 firms, ORX News collates, summarises and categorises publicly-reported loss events for you to use for analysis and awareness raising.


ORX Cyber

ORX Cyber combines cyber event data exchange with collaboration and research to provide second line practitioners with the insights  they need to effectively manage and measure this key risk.


ORX Scenarios

Join a global network of op risk scenario practitioners and get the tools, resources and knowledge needed for effective scenario identification, assessment, quantification and validation practices.

In addition to our main services and ORX Membership, we have a range of products and options to suit all budgets and team sizes. Book a short call today to see how we can support operational risk at your organisation.

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“Going beyond pure data exchange is highly valuable for us, as research, benchmarking and active exchange among members supports us in keeping on track in the operational risk environment.”
ORX News subscriber
"ORX News allows us to be always up-to-date on what is happening around the world. We use ORX News every day for high-quality information and to spread awareness about operational risk."

Why do financial organisations join ORX?

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Access a global network of experts

Join a community that shares experience, expertise and insights into the issues that confront all op risk teams.

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Benchmark your organisation

Understand how your practices and performance compares to others in the industry and learn from your peers.

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Be part of the bigger picture

Being part of the ORX community allows you to influence the future direction of ORX and of operational risk.

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Enhance your operational risk management

Everything we do is developed with the specific purpose of helping you and your team to better manage operational risk.

Don't just take our word for it

In our latest annual survey of our members, 100% said they would recommend ORX and 

99% rated the value of ORX Membership as good to excellent.

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About ORX

ORX is the largest operational risk management association in the financial services sector. Since 2002, we’ve been developing a global community of financial institutions committed to improving the management and measurement of operational risk.
Owned and driven by our member institutions, we bring together thousands of operational risk professionals to share their knowledge, expertise and experience. We are a not-for-profit industry association incorporated in Geneva, Switzerland.

Frequently asked questions

ORX Membership is only open to financial organisations on an institutional basis (we don't offer membership to individuals). To join ORX, you need to be able to submit data in line with the ORX Operational Risk Reporting Standards so that you can take part in our global loss data services.

Good news! You don't need to be a member to subscribe to our premium services (ORX News, ORX Scenarios and ORX Cyber).

Unfortunately, ORX Membership and our services are only open to organisations, not individuals. However, you can sign up to our free newsletter to benefit from free insights and highlights.

ORX Membership is only available to financial firms because they must be able to submit operational risk loss data in line with our standards. However, non-financial organisations can subscribe to our premium services so please get in touch if you'd like to know more.

Take a look at our membership and subscriber maps to see which companies we work with.: