Find out which cyber controls & indicators are used across financial services

Effective controls and indicators are vital for good cyber risk management. But, there is little industry-wide information available about them.
This report, from the ORX Cyber service, explores which key controls, indicators and external control standards financial organisations are using to support their cyber and information security management activities. The report is based on a survey and ongoing collaboration with experts at financial firms based around the world.

could you improve your cyber controls & indicators?

Our survey showed that improving cyber controls is a priority for the majority of firms. Download the free report to read the results of the survey and our analysis in detail.
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Key findings from the survey and discussions:

  1. Institutions reference multiple industry control frameworks – often resulting in the use of hybrid frameworks with a high number of controls
  2. Controls and indicators differ in levels of maturity
  3. Controls and indicators are largely manually operated and monitored, and mostly backward-looking
  4. Institutions often lack expertise and good data to support robust and objective CISR management