Reporting cyber and information security risk to the Board and corporate committee

In collaboration with Deloitte, we carried out a survey to help financial firms understand how their peers are approaching and overcoming some of the key challenges and barriers to enable effective risk reporting.

This study identified what constitutes effective and mature reporting and aimed to understand how some of the challenges have been successfully overcome. The highlights from the study are now available for you to download in a free summary report.

Find out what, why and how cyber risk is reported to the board

The report focuses on cyber and information security risk reporting to the Board and corporate committee. It looks at a number of key areas including:

  1. What is reported to the Board
  2. Why these things are reported
  3. How the reports are created
  4. The level of Board awareness of CISR
  5. How reporting will develop in the future
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Are you trying to manage cyber risk without the right data and industry insights? 

A guiding light for 2nd line cyber risk management

ORX Cyber is the evolution of our very successful cyber and information security risk (CISR) programme involving 55+ member firms. The programme has been running for over 18 months, and has delivered valuable output for our members. By subscribing to ORX Cyber
you’ll benefit from:

  • Data exchange related specifically to cyber and information security
  • Access to a unique control and indicators library
  • Two detailed research studies on cyber and information security each year
  • Events and other opportunities to discuss common issues, share ideas and collaborate with peers from across the world

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