Download the ORX Operational Risk Reference Taxonomy

The ORX Reference Taxonomy for operational and non-financial risks is made up of the Event Type Taxonomy, covering level 1 and level 2 risks, and the Cause and Impact Taxonomy, which provides even more insight. We've made both of them free to download – just fill in the form to get a copy of both taxonomies.

Is your taxonomy helping you manage operational risk in today's environment?

As you're aware, the operational risks faced by financial companies have changed dramatically over the last 15 years. We've seen risks including conduct, cyber and third party rise in importance to now dominate boardroom agendas. The ORX Reference Taxonomy incorporates these newer risks while not moving completely away from the Basel Event Types.

A practical resource for risk managers

The Event Type and Cause and Impact Taxonomies are designed to be practical tools that will help you manage risk effectively and efficiently. You can use them as a reference to benchmark your firm against and to improve your practice. You can also adapt them to meet your business needs.

Fill in the form to download both the Event Type and Cause and Impact Taxonomies for free.

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Find out more about how to use the ORX Reference Taxonomy 

Together, the Cause and Impact Taxonomy and the Event Type Taxonomy make up the ORX Operational Risk Reference Taxonomy. To help the operational risk community get the most from the ORX Reference Taxonomy, we've created guidance which is available to purchase alongside it.

The guidance includes examples and provides more detail about the taxonomies and how you can use them. It gives you detailed guidance on each level 1 risk, explains how to use flags and risk themes to add further context and insights to your data, provides information and definitions for specific cause categories and more.

Find out about the ORX Reference Taxonomy guidance