Download the highlights report from ORX Scenarios

Which scenarios are created most commonly across the financial sector? Find out in the free ORX Scenarios Library Highlights 2021 Report.

This report gives you exclusive insights into the ORX Scenarios library. The ORX Scenarios Library is a unique industry resource containing over 1,000 actual scenarios submitted by ORX Scenarios subscribers.

What's included in the REPORT?

  • An overview of the ORX Scenarios Library, summarising the key figures from the scenario data, including:
    • Total number of scenarios collected
    • Number of contributing firms
    • Three most common scenarios
  • A summary of the data by event type, business line and region
  • Exclusive insights into operational risk scenarios across the financial sector

Don't delay, download the ORX Scenarios Library Highlights 2021 Report to make sure you stay at the forefront of scenario analysis and practice.2021 ORX Scenario Library Highlights Summary Report-1