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Are you ready to manage risk in an increasingly digitalised world? Download the report, Right time, right place: The drive for change in operational and non-financial risk, to find out.

Operational and non-financial risk management has an opportunity to step up like never before and support financial organisations as they go through a period of rapid transformation.

To do so will mean making operational and non-financial risk resilient by using innovative technologies, which then enable risk leaders to innovate how they serve the business and actively add value.

Download the free report to see what's next for operational risk

This latest ORX report – Right time, right place – looks at how the financial services industry is evolving and the impact this will have on operational and non-financial risk in terms of both the challenge and the opportunity. It also explores what operational and non-financial risk can do to ensure it truly maximises the value it delivers as the business changes.

Sections covered in the full report include:

  • Supporting the speed of change in financial services
  • Optimising operational risk management
  • Haw risk can capitalise on new technology
  • Active risk management – iteration is not enough

Download the free report to make sure you're prepared for the future of operational and non-financial risk management.