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When you're creating a scenario how do you know you've covered everything you need to? This is where the ORX Scenarios Development Handbooks come in. They give you all the information you need, in one easy-to-use guide.

This handbook, focused on creating an operational risk scenario for pandemics, gives you practical guidance and support enabling you to create a comprehensive pandemic scenario.

preparation, assessment & Governance stages all detailed in the handbook

The handbook explores all the key areas of creating or updating your pandemic scenario. It covers the storyline, risk drivers, severity, who to involve in the scenario workshop and much more.
Download the handbook to get started today.
ORX Scenarios Pandemic Handbook front cover

Watch our webinar for more insights into pandemic scenarios

To help you understand the process of creating an operational risk scenario for pandemics, we got together a group of experts from ORX to discuss the topic and the handbook in detail. Watch the recording of the webinar to learn more.