Understand how operational risk profiles are changing

Risk profiles have seen rapid and significant changes as a result of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, and it doesn't look like things will settle down anytime soon. The latest Top Risk Review from ORX will help you understand the important changes to operational risk profiles so you can be prepared to manage them.

A global view of the op risk landscape

Carried out twice a year, the Top Risk Review is based on a survey of operational risk professionals from across our global membership. The survey acts as a sense check of operational risk profiles, gives you deeper insight into the key drivers of heightened risks and provides an indication of how things may develop in the future. 

Information Security & cyber BIGGEST concern, with business continuity and third party also high

The most recent version of the ORX Top Risk Review shows that information security and cyber risk is by the far the biggest concern for operational risk professionals at financial organisations. As the pandemic continues to impact countries across the world, business continuity continues to be high on the agenda, as does the resiliency of third-party organisations. Download the latest Top Risk Review to read more results from the study.

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